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Alive publication

arXiv ( is the largest open access archive of scientific preprints. It has been operating since 1991. By 2022 over two million preprints have been posted on arXiv.

arXiv supports alive publications. The author has the right at any time to post in arXiv new and new versions of his alive preprint, the files of which receive addresses (URL) with suffixes v1, v2, v3, ... To access the latest version of an alive publication in arXiv, a URL without a suffix is used, for example,

Note that all the addresses mentioned do not lead to the full text, but to the preprint card in arXiv. This causes some inconvenience to the reader — the full text from the URL here can be reached only in at least two clicks. But in this way, an alive publication always attracts the reader's attention: even a reader who comes to arXiv at the URL of a specific, possibly outdated version will inevitably see that the preprint is alive and that, along with the file indicated in the URL, the latest, most recent version is also available to him.

In order to include the latest arXiv publication date in a bibliographic record, it is not necessary to embed this date in the preprint file: this date can be extracted by the support tools from the arXiv system data. In other words, an author who wishes to include the last revision date of any preprint from arXiv in their bibliography can do so in the manner described in the Reference section without having to find out whether the preprint file has been attributed accordingly. The URL of the preprint in the bibliographic entry should be, for example

Gorbunov-Posadov M.M. Alive publication // Revision from .

Горбунов-Посадов М.М. Интернет-активность как обязанность ученого. — М.: ИПМ им.М.В.Келдыша, 2008.
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Горбунов-Посадов М.М. Живая публикация // Открытые системы. — 2011, № 4. — С. 48–49.
Редакция от

English version

Горбунов-Посадов М.М. ВАК в интернете // Информационные технологии и вычислительные системы. — 2011. — № 4. — С. 74-78.
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Горбунов-Посадов М.М. Персональная веб-страница ученого. — М.: ИПМ им.М.В.Келдыша, 2011.
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Горбунов-Посадов М.М. Препринты ИПМ им.М.В.Келдыша. — М.: ИПМ им.М.В.Келдыша, 2011.
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